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BarBacon In Hell's Kitchen Offering Flights Of Bacon Tastings

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GothamistIf you’re tempted to roll your eyes when you hear about Hell’s Kitchen’s new cured meat-focused eateryBarBacon you wouldn’t be the only one. It seems like every week we get a new single focus restaurantpromising the best of whatever foodstuff they’ve hitched their wagon to—and haven’t we had just about enough of bacon? The answer, I’ve discovered, is no. There can never be too much bacon, especially when it’s well-sourced, well-cooked and, well, served to you as part of a bacon flight. Yes, a flight of bacon. A trip to the restaurant wouldn’t be complete without the The Tasting ($12): two strips of five different bacon selections, depending on what Sherman has been into recently. At a press preview we sampled the Nueske’s, Ozark Trails Brand Hickory Smoked Peppered Bacon, Father’s Country Maple Bacon and an incredible, game-changing Jalapeno Bacon that was spicy, smokey and totally addictive. There’s something so wonderful about eating unadulterated slices of bacon, like you’re standing over the stovetop at your parent’s house. They’re also doing BLTs, burgers and pulled pork sandwiches, plus a splurge-worthy Bacon Loves Lobster Roll ($18) that’s been a big hit.

Forget about wine tastings. Who cares about craft beer tastings. Gimme ten strips of bacon and let me swirl that shit around in my mouth. Thats a true “tasting.” For the most part I think bacon kinda jumped the shark. Bacon flavored liquor and bacon flavored lube and bacon flavored donuts and all that other shit is fucking stupid. But that shouldn’t reflect poorly upon bacon itself. An entire bar dedicated to bacon and grilled cheeses and burgers is a fucking beautiful thing. I mean those strips of bacon on that stone slab look fucking perfect. Thats like every man’s innate craving. Meat on stone. Smoked peppered bacon, country maple bacon. Fucking Jalapeno bacon!? Bacon lobster roll!? Sounds absolutely outrageous. For all the damage some of these other foods and products have done to the bacon reputation, this place restores its credibility.