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Mtn Dew Baja Blast is Apparently Coming To Stores and Vending Machines In May 2014

baja blast

baja blast 2


Foodbeast —  It’s official guys: Taco Bell’s ten-year monopoly over Mtn Dew’s Baja Blast is finally over. Ding dong, the wicked  witch is dead! According to newly-leaked images from Instagram  and Tumblr,  the long-awaited bottled version of the cult-favorite, lime-flavored, blue-green  soda will be available in stores starting May 2014.


Very rare swing and miss by Taco Bell. Had the best fast food soda in the game on lock for over a decade and they let it slip through their fingers. Baja Blast may still be available at Taco Bell, but it’s part of the unique experience that is 4th meal. I think what we’re seeing here is T-Bell starting to get a little bit cocky. They think the rest of their menu has what it takes to keep them on top. They’re starting to get a little too close to the sun on wings of cheesy gordita crunches and grilled stuft nachos, and they could slip into a freefall if they’re not careful.

On the other hand, perhaps they’ve got their wildest trick yet up their sleeve. We know breakfast is coming later this month, so could this be a case of the classic fast-food rope-a-dope? Get the competitors thinkin they’re down for the count before they drop waffle tacos and some crazy beefy 15 layer bomb on the world? Maybe they’ve got some secret Mexican Einstein who split the trans fat atom. Who knows? All I know is my head is twisted like a cheesy roll-up right now and I’ve got to stock up on some TP before it’s too late.