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Kyrie Irving Is A Gigantic Coward

I’m really angry at the basketball gods right now for what just happened to Kemba so this story really couldn’t have dropped at a better time. I’ve been saying for weeks that there was a 0.0% chance that Kyrie would play in this game in Boston and now that it’s official I really only have one thing to say: what a gigantic fucking pussy. Just a gutless cowardly move to announce a week out that your shoulder injury will conveniently keep you out of the next three games when you’ve been day-to-day with the same injury for a week.

This part isn’t official yet but do you know when he’ll come back? Next Friday, the day after Thanksgiving – his least favorite day on the calendar. Who do the Nets play next Friday? The Boston Celtics. Is the game in Boston? Sure isn’t! He’ll play in Brooklyn for the first time against the Celtics and then he’ll miss the next time they come to Boston and wait it out ’til some time next season to make his return. Don’t worry bud those boos aren’t going anywhere, if anything the longer they fester the louder they’ll become.