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KEMBA UPDATE: Early Reports Say Concussion Like Symptoms

I won't pretend to know if we are out of the woods yet. But I would say this is about as good news as you could want with what we know right this second. Who knows what they'll learn once they get to the hospital and have all the imagining done, but at least for the moment we can exhale a little bit it feels like. All that praying worked so great job everybody. Doesn't matter who you prayed to, it sounds like maybe we got the prayer we needed. We were waiting for a positive Woj bomb and I would say that qualifies. For the moment, we cautiously exhale. 

If we're being honest though I'm still big time shook. Don't even care that the Celts are currently getting their asses handed to them right now. All of our energy should be focused on positive vibes only for Kemba.