Dude Interviews Late Night LIRR Passengers On The Drunk Train

The late night Drunk Train on the LIRR is one of the most precious things on earth. The only other train the beats it is the Sunday evening train back from the Hamptons after all the people from the Boardy Barn flood it to go back to the city. But the Drunk Train out of Manhattan is somethin special. Every kid still living in the suburbs of Long Island at the parents place stumbling their way back home from Murray Hill and/or any of the various Brother Jimmys locations throughout the city. Luggage Races, people pissing, people puking, people passed out. Drunk chicks stuffing their faces becuase they probably staved themselves all night trying to look skinny to hook up but now that it didnt work they’re just having sex with McDonalds instead. Its really quite the wonderful scene. But nobody, and I mean NOBODY stole the show in this video quite like Joe Buono.

This guy is something special. Comin straight out of Levittown, the first suburb in Americaaaaa! Smoked that dude in the luggage race. Probably ended hooking up with some chick in the bathroom on the train. That dude went around asking everyone if they peaked in life and I think the definitive answer for Joe Buono was “Yes.” Joe Buono peaked right before our eyes on this video.