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A Barstool Tradition: The Buttfumble Takes You Into the Weekend on its 7th Anniversary

November 22nd 2019 marks the seventh anniversary of The Butt Fumble. And it’s become somewhat of a tradition of the holiday season to celebrate what is arguably the most indelible moment in the 100 year history of pro football.

The ButtFumble is as fresh today as it was in 2012, and yet somehow as eternal as time itself.

It was just the perfect football moment. One that defined two franchises. The Patriots were then eight years removed from their last championship and the Jets appeared to be on the come. They’d been to two straight AFC championship games, as they liked to remind the world. And in this moment, Rex Ryan’s and Mark Sanchez’s budding dynasty in the early stages of being humbled. Of turning back into the J-E-T-S. The ones that generations had grown up on. And this? This was their crowning achievement. The moment that defined them, immortalized them, and made it certain they’ll never be forgotten as long as this clip exists.

And naturally, any play so perfect had to be immortalized with a Sports Science segment:

But more importantly, the ultimate tribute of a “Yakkity Sax” video:

And in GIF form:

So thanks to all who served to make this important Day of Remembrance possible. To Brandon Moore. To Vince Wilfork who shoved him two yards into the backfield. To Rex. Steve Gregory who finished it with the scoop and score. But mostly to Sanchize, without whom all of this would not have been necessary. Few men have ever left their mark upon the sport the way he did in this one shining moment.