Tim Legler Breaks Down Carmelo Hanging His Head At Yesterdays Game Vs. Nets



So this is the scene everyone is talking about after the Nets MLK Massacre of the Knicks at the Garden yesterday. Carmelo just hanging his head in disgust. Between the Pacers blowout where the Knicks flat out didn’t even try as soon as they were down, and then yesterday which was perhaps the most lifeless display of basketball I’ve ever seen, I think Carmelo officially fucking hates his own team. And whats fascinating about this whole saga is that the general theme in the media and from the fan base is that Carmelo is the only guy out there trying and performing and the rest of his heartless garbage teammates don’t care. Which, is absolutely the case. But its actually pretty remarkable that for the first time Carmelo isn’t getting the blame. Thats how bad the rest of this Knicks roster is. So fucking bad that Carmelo Anthony – a dude who can’t fucking fart without the media jumping down his throat as a selfish player who can’t lead his franchise – is now the sympathetic figure. In years gone by this would have been all Carmelo’s fault. Incapable of leading and motivating. His teammates don’t want to play with a ball hog who isolates himself on offense. Blah blah blah. But finally people are coming to their senses and realizing he’s an upper echelon player stuck on an absolutely garbage team. Turning Carmelo into the victim is an indicator of just how epically bad the supporting cast is. Just check out Legs on Sportscenter breaking out the telestrator to analyze Carmelo’s frowny face:

I mean how can you expect Carmelo to even consider re-signing here? I don’t care that the Knicks can offer him $30 million more than the next team. I don’t care if they could offer him 100 million more. He’s being treated as a fucking joke at this point. All he’s had to do is put up with questions about JR Smith and his undoubtedly lame duck coach and how much his team fucking sucks. And not just how much they aren’t performing – how much they just aren’t fucking trying. No fight. No toughness. Carmelo doing all he can to try and take advantage of an absolutely PUTRID division and fucking losers like Beno Udrih and Andrea Bargnani and fat ass Raymond Felton and checked out JR Smith are just dragging him down.

I mean obviously the money is a big deal for a lot of people. But I can’t even imagine willingly signing up for continue to play for Dolan and these bums who look like they just flat out don’t give a fuck out there. Its not like the next team won’t be paying you millions upon millions. Money ain’t everything. And when people are drawing frowny faces on the telestrator breaking down just how miserable the franchise surrounding you is, I would have zero hesitation getting out of town.