Let's All Take a Second and Let Out Three Cheers That Chris Brown is Locked in Jail For At Least Another Month

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CNN – Orange is the new Brown wardrobe. Chris Brown’s lawyer was unable to persuade a Los Angeles judge to let the singer out of jail on Monday. Brown, 24, wore an orange jail jumpsuit at court, with his mother sitting behind him, while attorney Mark Geragos argued the singer should be allowed to enter another rehab program instead of spending the next month in jail. The singer was locked up on a probation violation warrant Friday after he was booted from a court-ordered drug rehab program. Assistant District Attorney Mary Murray said Brown has already been ejected from two rehab programs in the last five months and another program should not be considered. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge James Brandlin said he was concerned about a “provocative” statement counselors said Brown wrote on a card at the Malibu rehab center. “I am good at using guns and knives,” according to a document read in court. The rehab program told Brown to leave because of that statement and two other rules violations, the document said. Brown refused a drug test — which his lawyer denied — and he touched elbows with a female patient, according to the document. Brown’s next chance to get out of jail comes on April 23 when Brandlin considers if his arrest on a misdemeanor assault charge in Washington justifies keeping him locked up. There is a possibility the judge will speed up that decision so Brown can travel to D.C. for a trial on that charge.

Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Every once in a while, there’s good news to report from the world of Chris Brown. No, he didn’t die in a house fire, but yes, he is locked away for at least another month. And I take that as a solid win for the day.

But who I am going to trust, lawyers? Judges No. Whenever I want to know the facts about anything, I go straight to Marcus Vick’s twitter:


Marcus has a great point. How does beating the shit out of a girl make him a criminal? Oh boo hoo, he nearly killed Rihana ONE time. It fucking happens, doesn’t mean he did anything wrong. And so what, maybe he punched a fan in the face who wanted to take a picture with him while he was on probation. Is that illegal? No way is that illegal. You’re saying you can’t willy nilly punch people on the street? Goodness gracious laws are so strict now!