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Sgt. Sean Murphy Relieved Of Duty Following Release Of Manhunt Pictures

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Earlier TodaySgt. Sean Murphy Of The Massachusetts State Police, Furious With The Rolling Stone Cover, Releases His Own Pictures Of The Manhunt To Remind Us What A Monster The Terrorist Was




Pussification of America at its finest.  Get rid of the good guy.  The guy who decided to remind the world that person Rolling Stone portrayed as a rock star was a child murdering terrorist.  Sorry for righting a wrong guys.  You’re right.  Guess we should let them put him on our newsstands in sepia tone with his stupid fucking hair and just remember him as the “promising kid” whose family failed him and not the fucking monster he really was. Disgusting.



PS – Feel like Sgt. Murphy is lighting up a stogie right now thinking “well worth it…well worth it.”  Just seems like the kind of guy who doesn’t mind getting in trouble for doing what’s so obviously right.