Last Night's Weigh In For RNR 10 Was The Most Intense Weigh In I've Ever Been At Which Makes Me Think Tonight Will Be The Best RNR Ever

For the most part most RNR weigh ins are fairly low key. Some fake anger and theater for the people at home before we gear up for fight night. Well not last night. Last night there was real hate in the building. There are even whispers it spilled into the streets after the weigh in. And suddenly we have one of my most anticipated fights in the history of RNR. I’m talking Victoria D’Errico vs. Leanna Cruz. We got an Italian Vs. Dominican which is one of the great boxing rivalries in all of sports. Both girls had huge entourages last night. Both look almost the same exact size. Both come from boxing families it appears. When I first saw this matchup I originally thought the cheerleader girl was in trouble, but not after last night. And that’s not taking anything away from Leanna Cruz. It’s just the cheerleader showed up looking ripped and not an inch of back down in her. Like when she got face palmed at the weigh in she didn’t take a step back or pause. Instead she moved forward and tried to throw a punch. Oh and by the way this was unscripted. Like I was supposed to do the weigh in’s but Chris (one of the wackiest guys I’ve ever met just decided to do it himself) The Mike Live vs. Braintree kid also looks like it’s going to be an electric fight.

Not to mention the fact the fight of the night is a Bruins vs. Canadiens fan with Big Cat singing BOTH national anthems. I repeat. Big Cat is singing BOTH national anthems. If that’s not worth the price of admission by itself I don’t know what is.

I’m telling you right now. Tonight will be the best RNR ever. I can feel it in my plums.

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