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Is It Even Fun To Root Against The Pats Anymore?

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Its over, folks. The Tom Brady Reign Of Terror has been dwindling for the better part of a decade and now you can finally rest assured its a wrap. The Pats have entered Atlanta Braves of the 90s or the Yankees of the 2000s territory. You can count on the Pats coming up short like clockwork now. Sure, it took two Eli Manning Miracles to get us here. It took the GOAT Peyton Manning stepping up at the age of like 200. And yes – obviously as a lowly Jets fan you can make all the 1969 jokes you want. But facts are facts, its been almost a decade since Tom and Bill won anything, and the window is closed. I feel like Kevin McCallister in Home Alone when he walks out of his house declaring he’s not scared of the Wet Bandits. “Hey, I’m not afraid anymore! I said, I’m not afraid anymore!”

Its kinda gotten to the point where its not even that satisfying anymore when the Pats lose. Like that 18-1 moment was fun. Because you knew they blew it. That was their chance at immortality and they lost to the lesser team. But now its just kinda like watching that aging champ who still has enough in the tank to make a little bit of a run but not enough to get over the hump. There’s a whole new regime of superstar QBs and guys like Peyton who still stand in the way now. They just keep coming up short because they aren’t the better team. It ain’t a choke job anymore. It’s honestly very Yankees-esque. Up until 2009 when they just reloaded with the three best free agents, you could rest assured that there was always going to be a younger, better team to knock them off.

Obviously their run has been remarkable. They’ll probably still win the AFC East for a few more years and even a couple more playoff games here and there too. Which makes it even more ironic because Pats fans were always the first to crucify other fan bases for celebrating regular season success and AFC Championship games. Like all those times they made fun of Rex and the Jets for celebrating “back to back AFC Championship games” and “congrats on your Week [insert regular season game] Super Bowl!” – thats all thats left for Pats fans. Yes, as always, you can make fun of me for my teams and their futility. But that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the Patriots are officially done being that team that you worry about. Almost ten straight years of coming up short despite having the best coach and the best QB has cemented their reputation at this point. Its almost sad, in a way. All I’ve got as a fan of shitty franchises is rooting against my most hated team. The only satisfaction I get is watching my enemies choke. But I can’t even consider it choking anymore. Forget about New England, Pats fans can’t even satisfy me anymore.