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Is Texas Back? 11/21 College Basketball Picks

texas andrew jones


Gambling is so cruel. You're sitting on your couch feeling like the smartest man in the world. All your bets are hitting and you're riding high like a cocky asshole thinking you're about to hit a lick tonight. Then all of a sudden, this happens.

I've never related more to a human being in my life than that guy in the front row. I'm with ya pal I almost threw up when I saw this. But any gambler knows your most important bet is the next one and we're back in the saddle tonight after a 7-6 start to the week.

Texas -3.5 1H and Full Game -6.5

This bet is based significantly on how bad Georgetown stinks. I love Patrick Ewing and I love watching Mac McClung dunk basketballs but the spread has not been kind to them. Georgetown is 0-8 combined ATS 1H and game. That's just inexcusably bad. Yurtseven is an absolute stud in the middle for the Longhorns (17 ppg and 12.5 rpg) and I love the feel good story of Andrew Jones so much that I'm riding it straight to the bank. I love Texas in the Mecca tonight people. LOVE them.

PS: Some are saying I'm the best Connect 4 player of all-time. I'm not saying it but some are.