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The Actor That Played Tormund Says That They Shot An Alternative Ending To Game Of Thrones That I Imagine Will Never See The Light Of Day

CNN- Will we ever get over how "Game of Thrones" ended? Probably not -- especially when folks are out here spilling tea. Kristofer Hivju, who played Tormund Giantsbane on the HBO series, told that there was another ending to the drama. "We shot an alternative ending," the Norwegian actor said. "That was mostly for fun, but I don't know if I'm allowed to tell you about that." That's about all Hivju would give up, however.

Game of Thrones fans right now:

God fucking dammit, Tormund! I know the actor's name is Kristofer, but that dude is Tormund for the rest of his living days. 

Anyway, this is the last thing I needed to hear today. Like millions of other people, I had buried Thrones in a very deep place my mind in a place that I reserve for painful/disappointing memories. This may not surprise you guys, but that place is crowded and a place I don't enjoy going very often. However, our ginger axe wielding friend here had to go ahead of pick open that scab by yammering about an alternative ending that will almost definitely never see the light of day. There is no way that ending is going to be good enough to wipe away a season worth of disappointment. Like I said last week when Disney+ released more deleted scenes from Endgame, deleted scenes get deleted for a reason. I imagine this alternative ending is the same. 

Then again, I guess you can make a case that this alternate ending cannot really be worse than the disjointed mess following the scene in the throne room where No Name Edmure Tully had more dialogue than he had the rest of the series combined, Sam got shot down trying to invent democracy, and Bran's Small Council was bickering like the end of the Seinfeld finale. No alternate ending, regardless of if it was serious or not, is really going to change the bad taste the show left in our mouths for better or worse. You could throw Robin Aryn on the throne drinking a big ol' glass of giant's titty milk Tormund squeezed for him and most of us would shrug out shoulders and go back to forgetting Thrones was the biggest cultural phenomenon on the planet before fizzling from our brains forever.

Which is why Benioff and Weiss should just throw the ending out there instead of being pestered about it everywhere they go. They've already seemingly gone into hiding after the finale flopped. Remember their Comic Con appearance?

Which just happened to turn into a Comic Con no-show?

All this stuff is going to keep piling up until they address blowing a 28-3 lead against Rotten Tomatoes and release every alternative ending or else we are going to get things like Tormund bringing up an alternative ending which will then bring up memories of just how much that last season (or two to be honest) sucked because it was sped up and didn't match up with the quality rest of the show when George RR Martin's story was leading the charge. And I have to admit, this would have gotten a reaction from people (it kinda gutted me just reading it).

P.S. Let the record show that the Game of Stools podcast was wary of the final season from the jump and took a lot of heat from listeners for not blindly thinking the show was going to be good just because it was Thrones. History will remember the podcast kindly for that.

P.P.S. Also let the record show I was right about Bran playing a massive role back when the rest of the internet was griping about how much camera time he was taking while being dragged North of the Wall by his own personal boner dog Hodor. The final season may have been a disappointment, but there is only one true king of Westeros. #Branwagon