Jay Williams Set Up A GoFundMe To 'End Amateurism' To Pay For James Wiseman's 'Fine' And People Are ... Actually Donating

I'll be honest here. I want to hate this move, but I can't. I just hate the NCAA and the rule of amateurism that much that I actually love what Jay Williams did. Now, if you're not a Memphis fan and donating to this what the hell are you doing? Every single donation should be from a Memphis fan. That's the only possible way this thing actually has over $1,600 before 11am

Now you may be asking what the hell is going on here and that would be a reasonable question here. James Wiseman was suspended by the NCAA for 12 games after being ruled ineligible because Penny Hardaway paid his mother $11,500 to move them from Nashville to Memphis a few years ago. Now the problem is Penny was a booster of Memphis since he donated a million bucks to the university in 2008. So now here we are in 2019 and James Wiseman received money from a booster and attended that school. It's a textbook violation as stupid as it is. Because of that, he has to repay the $11,500 to a charity of his choice. 

Listen, the more that people like Jay Williams - who was a fucking great college player - speaks out about the NCAA, the better chance we have to getting some rule changes. That's what needs to happen. Amateurism is still defined like it was in the 1950s and that's the major problem. 

So yeah, this is a crazy move, but whatever. Fuck the NCAA.