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The Son Of A Mobster Is Saying He Knows Who Killed Hoffa And Where They Put His Body

So “The Irishman” comes out on Netflix in less than a week. Pacino, De Niro, Pesce, Scorsese, 200 million dollars. It’s going to be incredible. I can’t wait. Here is the final trailer just to get you hyped.

So Jimmy Hoffa is hot in the streets. So hot that Eddie and I spent almost an hour over two Dogwalk episodes talking about Hoffa and the various theories around his disappearance. We covered four or five different prominent theories and NONE of them were the ones laid out this week by the son of a former mobster.

(Source)–Of his father, Moscato Jr adds: ‘He was a tough guy, one of the toughest guys to ever come out of Jersey City. He was a straight-up, old-school mobster.’

He says his dad told him the truth of the killing shortly before his death.

Moscato Jr said: ‘He says I have something I want to tell you and I want you to listen real good. He says, “I need to tell you the location of where Jimmy Hoffa is buried”. I’m like, “what do you mean you’re going to tell me the location?”

‘He says “I’m going to tell you where Jimmy Hoffa is buried”, and he told me. He gave me the location of where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.’

One speculated location for the remains is 200 Outwater Lane in New Jersey – although Moscato Jr does not reveal where exactly he thinks Hoffa’s remains are. 

He said: ‘I want to make sure that when it comes out, it comes out the right way. I want them [Hoffa’s family] to feel comfortable about the location that I am giving too. ‘This is a process that I am doing. I am just not blurting it out. But the story is together, it is definitely together, it makes sense.

FUCK you dude. I just want to enjoy the movie and part of that is believing what they’re selling me. Just shut up. Save it for the next documentary on Hoffa. The waters are muddy enough as it is. There’s dozens of stories about where Hoffa ended up and who put him there. And if you’re going to shit on the movie and say this story is made up then you can’t pussyfoot around and say you know because your daddy told you so, but then not say the actual location or give real details. You’re just soaking up 15 minutes of fame and riding the coattails of the movie.

I really hope this story blows up after the movie and there’s a serial, or HBO mini docuseries about Hoffa. I can’t get enough. It’s the most high profile cold-case in history besides probably the murder of JFK, which also may have involved Hoffa. Hoffa’s entire story is so incredible and I didn’t really know much about him until this week. If you’re planning on watching the movie give that Dogwalk ep a listen.