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Al Dukes Gets His Back Waxed On Boomer And Carton

New York’s number 1 sports radio station, folks. The Boomer and Carton show – number 1 in the mornings. Hard hitting sports analysis and producers getting their backs waxed in the middle of the studio on television. What a goddam circus this morning. The best part is how Boomer and Carton for the most part just carried on their normal show. Discussing the JR Smith benching and why Rob Ryan can’t get a head coaching position and the Arod lawsuit all while a grown man is getting his back waxed 5 feet from their station. All I gotta say is thank god WFAN and CBS worked out a simulcast deal because if I wasn’t able to see this live on TV it just never would have been the same.

Gives me hope for KFC Radio when I see things like this. Maybe I can’t rant about pooping and fighting polar bears and dating juggalos, after all. If like 5 million people are enjoying Al Dukes getting his wings waxed then I certainly can get them to listen to me babble about midgets and putting people in microwaves and shit.