Kawhi Being Absolutely Disgusted That A Reporter Would Ask Him About His Monster Dunk And Then Explaining EXACTLY What Happened Is Why He's The Best

I can't stop laughing at how perfectly on brand this is for Kawhi. I mean, sure, he's just doing his job of being the best player in the league and beating a team that's not as good as the Clippers but just not one shred of excitement out of this man. Remember, this is the play: 

Kind of an important play in the game! Down 6, getting some momentum and Kawhi just hangs his nuts all over Daniel Theis. We don't need to go on about the play, this is about Kawhi's press conference. You know what it reminded me of? Arguably the greatest press conference answer ever: 

You think Board Man gets paid by giving complex answers? I don't think so. Board Man gets paid by understanding the game and explaining it to reporters everywhere. This is a fun guy we're talking about. This is the guy that's taking over Los Angeles. His personality is not having a personality and pissing off people because of that. I love it. He's such a weirdo that it's perfect with Steve Ballmer and even guys like Pat Bev around him. 

That dunk was still filthy.