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Tyson Chandler Returns Tonight As Knicks Go For 6 In A Row

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Hey oh! Don’t look now, but here come the Knickerbockers! On a 5 game win streak and they’ve  worked themselves back into playoff contention. Currently in the 8th spot with Atlantic Division leading Toronto in their crosshairs, as their big man returns tonight from fucking bronchitis in Charlotte.

I’m not gonna get delusional here. Everybody already knows I’m just about the most pessimistic Knicks fan out there. But the bottom line is the Knicks are more than capable of winning the Atlantic and landing a 3 or 4 seed. Which could potentially land them a first round matchup of someone like Detroit or Washington. Thats how bad the east is. There’s a pretty reasonable possibility that this Knicks team wins their division and 1 playoff matchup, the same amount of success last year’s 54 win team. It seems absurd considering they were legitimately one of the worst teams in the NBA a quarter of the way into the season. And literally at any given moment, Woodson, JR Smith and company can reignite into that dumpster fire that started 3-13 including losing 9 in a row. But the fact of the matter is if the Knicks stay healthy and Carmelo performs, they’re the favorite in the Atlantic and their first round matchup would be very winnable.

Especially if they stay healthy and play like they’ve played during this winning streak. Yea, Felton has been playing the way they need him to play. And yes, Amare has actually been contributing. But its no surprise that this winning streak has coincided with a lot less JR Smith. Tim Hardaway Jr slowly taking over that role while JR spins off the axis of the fucking earth. Shump shining bright in a few games finally reaching his full potential proving why it might be wise to hang on to him for the future. And the rest of the troops finally getting healthy. If you can sprinkle in one of those Carmelo stretches where he’s winning games by himself, the Knicks are right back in the thick of things near the top of the east. Scary state of affairs in the Eastern Conference, and ultimately this team can’t hang with Indy or Miami, but considering the way it looked like things were gonna go for this team just a couple weeks ago, I’ll take it.