Derrick Rose: If Load Management Was Around Back Then I Would Probably Still Be A Bull

I want to agree with Derrick here, but I think he needs to remember who the guy calling the shots back then was.

Ain't no way that cackling man would buy into that load management notion even in today's NBA landscape. Hell, he didn't do it last year with the Timberwolves. So while I agree with Derrick's sentiment that it could be different (very different in the fact that everybody knows he shouldn't have still been in that fucking playoff game) I still think his statement has to come with a kicker of "Oh, and if Tom Thibodeau wasn't my coach."*

Nevertheless though I'm very happy for Derrick's newfound success. It really seemed like the story wasn't going to end positively and now it looks like it has a chance to somewhat have some closure.

*I don't want this to come off as completely shitting on Thibs because it's widely known that Derrick loves Thibs. He was instrumental into giving him another shot and revitalizing his career last year and always had his back through the injury snafus. Just wanted to clarify that.