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This Throw From Haskins Is Mesmerizing- Now Let's Get Him An O-line, A TE, Another WR, Fire Bruce Allen, And Trust The Development Process

That is a throw only 2 or 3 other QBs in the league can make. Mahomes-esque. Forced out of the pocket, throws across his body wayyyy downfield right in McLaurin’s breadbasket. The awareness to avoid the rush, the vision to see McLaurin open downfield, and the arm strength and touch to put it exactly where it needs to be- you would be hard-pressed to find many guys ho can make that sort of play. Alas the play was called back due to holding, because of course, but the tape don’t lie- Haskins has raw talent that few others possess.

We just have to trust Haskins’ development. Slow but steady. I’m all about the baby steps process. Slowly open up the playbook for him. I didn’t hate what I saw from him on Sunday, I mean the man has started a grand total of 2 (TWO!) NFL games now. He is playing behind an Oline of castoffs and backups, his only threat at WR is also a rookie, he has zero tight ends, and his starting RB is 34 year old Adrian Peterson who doesn’t really catch the ball out of the backfield. To say he is behind the 8-ball to start with is an understatement.

The Skins need to now build around him. Get him guys who won’t spit in his face for trying to help them. Get him another WR- Paul Richardson has been a bust, Trey Quinn hasn’t shown anything this year, and nobody else has stepped up to make plays. And the TE situation is dire. Without Vernon Davis or Jordan Reed this year, Jeremey Sprinkle has stepped in and hasn’t blocked nor caught the ball with any sort of consistency.

Haskins will take time, but he will need help from those around him to be a complete QB. And he needs Bruce Allen fired. Obviously.