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Is ACC Hoops Analyst Mike Gminski Kidding Me With This Earring?

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 2.03.52 PM

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Mike Gminksi with the MJ hoop earring! Only thing better would be if he was rocking the dangling crucifix, Barry Bonds style

UPDATE: Gminski wears this shit because of some random winning streak the Sixers had in 1990. “In a remarkable start to the 1990 season, Gminski and teammates made a pact that if the Sixers won 10 in a row, they would each get their ears pierced. When the team pulled off 12 in a row, he, Mahorn and the others were sporting diamond earrings to commemorate the feat” How fucking absurd is that? Walk around like a boss after a regular season winning streak 25 years ago. So cocky I gotta respect it.