Wake Up to Gronk Dancing with the Laker Girls

We all wondered what Rob Gronkowski’s post-football life would look like. Would he go Hollywood on us and start cranking out action movie like The Rock suggested? Follow his pal Mojo Rawley into the squared circle and compete for the WWE Tag Team belt? Become a tenured professor at MIT? Or simply fade into obscurity?

Well, it’s still early in the process, but we’re starting to get our answer. The NFL on Fox pregame show. A Super Bowl Weekend beach party music festival. And dancing with James Cordon and the Laker Girls. When you’re performing with America’s least controversial talk show host and our nation’s sexiest-yet-still-family-friendly dance ensemble, it’s pretty clear you’ve entered the Professional Celebrity phase of your career. Rob Gronkowski is now playing the Gronk character full time. He’s going to be famous for being famous. And milk it for all he can. Good for him since it’s pretty obvious he’s enjoying the hell out of being him.

One thing we can be reasonably certain of, he’s not coming back to the NFL any time soon. This is NOT the face of a man who’s looking to get yelled at by Bill Belichick for running the wrong route in practice. Time to start speculating on his return in 2020.