Gronk Smashed His Interview At The "Growing Up Gronk" Book Signing Today


I think I’ve unlocked the Patriots secret to coaching up Gronk for public appearances. It’s giving him one phrase to work on. Don’t try and teach him the ins and outs of interviews. Don’t mention how reporters will ask the same question in different ways in order to try and get the answer they want. This will only serve to confuse the Gronk. Just give him a key phrase and say. “No matter what comes out of the reporter’s mouth, this is what you answer with.”

Remember the Super Bowl media day? Everything was day by day. Every single answer. Well today we get, “No reaction.” That’s all. Rob, when you get out there you have no reaction to anything. I don’t care if it makes sense or not. Any question, from any person, your answer is “No reaction.” Go get ‘em.