A Florida Man Was Arrested After He Punched A Little League Umpire In The Face Because He Didn't Agree With The Umps Call

A Florida man was taken into custody this weekend after allegedly punching a Little League umpire in the face. Alberto Ramos, 22, was arrested on Friday on one count of felony battery to a sports official, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release on Monday. Ramos was attending his nephew’s Little League game on Friday, according to Spectrum News, at the Highland City Ballpark in Lakeland, Florida, a city east of Tampa. Ramos disagreed with one of the head umpire’s calls, according to police, and allegedly approached the umpire after the game to complain. But things between Ramos and the umpire quickly escalated, with Ramos allegedly raising his voice. The umpire, who remained unnamed, then asked Ramos to leave the park, but Ramos allegedly responded by screaming that he was going to “kick his ass” and then punched the umpire in the face, police said in an affidavit, according to the press release. The umpire’s lip was cut and one of his teeth was broken in the assault. The umpire was treated by the Polk County Fire Rescue.”

Absolutely SHOCKING that a Florida man would get so upset at his nephew’s little league game that he told the umpire that he would “kick his ass”, and then follow through and punch the umpire in the face. Just imagine getting that upset at a little league game where you are so heated that even after the game is over you attack the umpire. Little Jeffrey is sitting there eating his orange slices and housing his fourth Capri Sun of the afternoon, he doesn’t know that he got the shit end of a call out there. Hell, he ran up the third baseline instead of up the first baseline when he finally made contact in the third inning. But don’t worry, your uncle Alberto is here to stand up for you and make sure that ump knows he better wake up and call the game correctly. I’m sure Joe West and the MLB umps will break out their armband in the upcoming season for this guy.

I’m sure Alberto is now leading the charge for robotic umps too, they wouldn’t have screwed up the call at third base. But seriously, how insane do you have to be to get that worked up at a kids game and then punch the guy? I want to see replay of this call, because to be fair, it sounds like the ump really screwed this one up. I think I’m beginning to side with Alberto here.

PS: These umpires have a “clubhouse”? When I was in little league the umpires just got dressed in their cars, not some fancy locker room that doesn’t allow media or angry fans. Having a clubhouse sounds almost worth the $40 a day to put up with kids pissing their pants and crazy Alberto bashing your head in with a rock. Almost.