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Alfonzo Dennard Arrested for DUI

NebraskaLincoln police said early Thursday that former Nebraska football player and current New England Patriots defensive back Alfonzo Dennard was arrested in connection with a driving-under-the-influence case. Lincoln police Capt. Jason Stille said Dennard, 24, was pulled over and then cited about 2 a.m. Thursday near 50th Street and Normal Boulevard. He said Dennard, who was westbound on Normal in some type of a Honda, was spotted by officers straddling a lane line between 50th and 56th Streets. Later. Dennard was arrested on suspicion of DUI, refusing a chemical test and a driving infraction. He said Dennard was alone in the vehicle when he was pulled over.

I don’t have the hugest problem with someone getting popped for DUI.  It’s the ultimate there-but-for-the-grace-of-God crime.  So I’m not going to preach about it like some 12-stepper.  There’s tons of gray area on these arrests.  It’s unbelievably hard to convict.  The acquittal rate is through the roof and Dennard will probably beat the rap.  I also don’t have a problem with his refusal to take the test.  Anyone who takes a Breathalyzer is out of their goddamned mind.  I’m blowing a .08 right now and I just got out of bed.

I do however have a problem with a guy getting popped for DUI and refusing the Breathalyzer when he’s already on probation for a booze-related assault on a cop, is facing jail time, has a free shuttle service provided by the NFL that will drive him home any hour of the day or night, and who just happens to work for a team fighting for its reputation because one of his teammates killed a bunch of people.  Yeah, that I do have a problem with. If Fonzie’s not smart enough to stay out of the Lincoln PD lockup, he’s not smart enough to cover Mike Wallace.  Even though he’s a starter you’re only paying 7th round money to, you’ve got to cut his ass.  This wasn’t the first time he’s gotten arrested, and it won’t be the last.  He could be innocent of Drunk Driving, but on the charge of Wanton Stupidity, he’s guilty on all counts.  So long, Dumbass.  @JerryThornton1