In response to "Twerk Tuesday".

Call me old fashioned, but I am sick of "Twerk Tuesday".

(I'm Generation X, by the way)
There's nothing fundamentally wrong with the twerk movement, per se.  I'm just getting sick of seeing partially exposed Eastern-European assholes dance across my screen every Tuesday morning when Pat decides to post his weekly exposé.

"Well, Large... If you don't like it, then don't click on it."

I hear you, but I also feel compelled to click on every piece of content that gets published here in order to stay relevant on topics of the day.  If I miss a blog that winds up being impactful, I look extremely old and out-of-touch when I need to ask someone, "Hey… What exactly is a Gluck-Gluck?"

"Well, Large... If you are so bothered, report Pat to the powers-that-be."

I already have… Numerous times.
I have made a case that I now identify as someone who gets very offended at the way Twerk Tuesday objectifies women, but was quickly told that Pat's predilection towards other dudes admonishes him from any sexual objectification claims that another heterosexual blogger might be guilty of.
So what am I going to do?
Well, I guess fight fire with a little bare-midriff fire and introduce- Non-Twerk Tuesday

It might not provide the occasional glimpse at "innards" that Twerk Tuesday provides, but it is sexy nonetheless…

And I think it appeals to an Egyptian audience that has been overlooked for far too long because, according to Wikipedia,…

 Belly Dance (also referred to as Arabic Dance), is an expressionist type of dance that originated in Egypt.

Unfortunately, Belly Dance Tuesday will NOT be a recurring segment because there isn't an endless amount of easily stolen Instagram clips, but next week's Non-Twerk Tuesday will be exclusively dedicated to the sultry moves of this sonofabitch…

Take a report.