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Dude Hacked To Death After Making Fun Of His Attacker For Wearing "Wacky Pants" 2 Years Earlier

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NYDNA British father-to-be was hacked to death in front of his pregnant fiancee after his alleged attackers tracked the man’s whereabouts using Facebook, prosecutors said during closing arguments in a trial for two of the three men accused in the December 2010 murder. The hacking death of Danny Gough, 24, was the culmination of an “increasingly violent” and “escalating feud” after a friend of Gough’s said one of the alleged killers, Sam Monteith, wore “wacky” pants one night at a bar, the Croydon Advertiser reports.  The simmering confrontation quickly escalated from a war of words to extreme violence. Six weeks before his violent death, Gough was reportedly one of a gang of men who sprayed Monteith, 32, in the eyes with ammonia and left him with a large gash across his face after a stabbing. Monteith, along with accused killers Stephen Dougherty, 35, and Paul West, 29, sought revenge, prosecutors said, and used Facebook to learn when Gough would be back in his hometown of Croydon, the Telegraph reported. The men allegedly yanked a naked Gough out of bed and stabbed and hacked him to death using a machete, ax and even a sword as his terrified, pregnant fiancee Kareena Modashia looked on. The feud started after Gough’s friend said Monteith wore “wacky” pants during a night out at a bar in June 2010. “Above all there was one very obvious conclusion,” Heywood told the court. “This was a revenge attack of a particular kind, intended to be a statement.”

Imagine if one day Feitelberg hacked me to death with various instruments used for beheadings right in front of the Roommate because I made fun of him for wearing capri pants in the summer? Or if I stabbed him with a machete for saying I wore Jncos? I mean if there’s anything we learned from the Clancying hysteria its that dudes do, in fact, take fashion very seriously. Insulting a man’s shoes or pants can be as disrespectful as it gets. Like take this Sam Monteith for example. Dude probably put a lot of thought into his outfit. He probably went out to the bar that night thinking “I look fresh as fuck. 100% chance I get laid.” He walks in and right away someone tells him he’s wearing “wacky pants.” How would you react to that? Thats a total dick comment, you know? Chances are you’re not going to viciously murder the guy in front of his fiance 2 years later. For most people the sting from a “Hey bro…you’re wearing wacky pants” comment wears off after a little while. Instead its 2 years later and these guys are attacking each other with ammonia and stabbing each other and axing each other to death in front of loved ones.

2 lessons from this story – 1) Don’t wear wacky pants to a bar, 2) Don’t make fun of guys wearing wacky pants to the bar.