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The Chargers Had A Chance To Tie The Game On The Last Drive And Philip Rivers Went Full Philip Rivers

Fuck this team, man. Every fucking week it's the same story with the same exact ending. Rivers is under fire non-stop all game thanks to the bumbling halfwits that are serving as a replacement offensive line, there is a critical penalty on every important drive, and the offensive play calling is fucking embarrassing. For the people trying to say Rivers is done, you're just wrong. He's coming off a phenomenal year where the offense had complete and total synergy because Wiz/Lynn made a playbook appropriate for the personel. This year, Wiz is gone, 75% of the offensive line is missing and the playbook is exactly the same. No adjustments whatsoever. Lynn has Phil throwing fucking deep balls late in the game when intermediate routes are literally all they need. Part of this is definitely on Phil because he's making very 2013 throws into harsh coverage and simply not spotting safeties at all. But a majority of this has to do with Lynn's incompetence as an offensive playcaller. Stop calling pass plays that need time to develop, stop ignoring Melvin Gordon, and stop giving Ekeler these dumpy sweep carries every set of downs that get TFL'd EVERY time. Defensively, guys look good though.  Loving what the unit has been doing lately to overcome injuries. Good job there, Tony!