Wake Up With 'Alcoholocaust' By Jim Jefferies

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not some stand up buff but for my money this is the funniest stand up routine I’ve ever seen.  It has it all, from taking a buddy with muscular dystrophy to a whore house to shooting at enemies with gunner turrets in Iraq from a helicopter.  The stories are all real and they’re fucking hilarious.

PS – like 4 years ago I was walking into Big Shitty Tap and saw him getting dragged out by two bouncers at like 2am.  Not sure what he did but he was WASTED drunk, kicking and screaming trying to shake loose and I’ve never heard the word “cunt” said so many times in one 20 second period.  Needless to say I laughed my tits off while thinking “hey that’s Jim Jeffries”.  Really funny shit.

Kill off an hour and 15 mins in the cube watching his best work.