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Wake Up With The Most Intimidating Batter Of All Time, Gary Sheffield, Hitting His 500th Career Tater

Find me a more intimidating batter to ever step in a batters box, you can’t. It was Gary Sheffield’s 51st birthday yesterday and I’m still not convinced he couldn’t hit 4th for the Orioles and hit 35-40 bombs a season. When your wrists are so strong and fast that you have to literally shake your bat back and forth to get the timing down, you don’t lose that kind of bat speed. He did bounce around from team to team, and thats why a lot of people don’t remember his short time with the Mets. Kind of neat his first homer for them was also the 500th of his career. Of course he has the steroid cloud hanging over his head, but man was he a good ballplayer. Came up as an infielder and bounced around around the field too, guy could do it all. Happy belated to my favorite player of all time, the Sheff man.