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I Have No Choice But To Respect Someone Who Farts This Loudly On National Television

Boom. That’s a fart, mother fucker. What a moment that just unfolded on MSNBC. Dude ripped ass right in the middle of a very serious discussion about Ukraine and what all this shit means for the future of the country. If anybody out there needs a stock fart sound for a super weird sound board, there ya go. The most perfect sounding fart noise to ever sneak outta somebody’s butt cheeks. The fart was so powerful that it lifted the guy off the ground as it happened like he was a fart-propelled rocket ship. You gotta respect a guy who farts when he needs to fart, no ifs, ands or butts. Nothing was getting between that man and the fart that needed to get out of his body ASAP. Most people would’ve held that fart in until they were off national television to avoid the embarrassment of farting on TV, but not Eric Swalwell. No siree. Eric Swalwell waits for no man when he needs to fart. That fart is happening and it’s happening right this second. Respect.