It's Time To Bring Back The AND1 Trash Talk Tee Shirts

A few days ago, Fred Vanvleet signed a deal with AND1 to become the new face of the company. First off, good for you, Fred! Steph Curry screaming like a child for a switch on you in the finals is one of my favorite basketball moments in recent memory. Also, this is great for guys named Fred. It's a cool, old school name and the best you guys have to show for it is Fred Armisen and Fred Jackson. Both are fine Freds, but you still need to shake the stink of the Courage the Cowardly Dog villain and also the Youtuber.

Anyway, the AND1 conversation reminded me of playing basketball back in the day on public courts. For me and Jetski, who are from the same hometown, our court was called 401. It attracted a lot of players that loved wearing one of my favorite tee shirts ever, the AND1 trash talk shirt.

That Silver Surfer lookin' dude was good at precisely 2 things: Basketball and roasting the fuck out of your entire existence. Were the people who wore these shoes usually good at basketball? Well, no, but it's hard to play while wearing Lime/Orange Osiris skating shoes, Etnies, or black Air Force 1's. With reboots on the front stage of the cultural zeitgeist, I think it's time for AND1 trash talk shirts to get some shine again. I think I can even help by giving some updated designs for the new generation.