While Up 28-3, Baylor's Scoreboard Played The Sooner Schooner Crashing

On October 23rd, I wrote: 

"If this has to do with Oklahoma bowing down to PETA, I have no choice but to cancel the 2019 Oklahoma Sooners. Their offense is electric and it appears they finally have a defense, but that won't matter because of this decision. They have cursed themselves."

That Saturday, Oklahoma lost to Kansas State. 

The PETA Sooner Schooner curse was alive. 

It continued in their next game against Iowa State. They almost blew a 3-score lead in the 4th at home to the Cyclones. 

On Saturday, they were down 28-3 to Baylor. When would this curse die? In the midst of what looked like a blowout, McLane Stadium decided to do a very silly thing:

You know what happened after Oklahoma went down 28-3. They completed a brilliant comeback against Baylor thanks to Jalen Hurts big balls and Gabe Brkic, who has BIG time Rodrigo Blakenship energy.

If we are talking curses, Baylor is still trying to get over what happened during the Art Briles era. Now, it appears they put another curse on themselves. The 28-3 Sooner Schooner curse. 

College football is a funny sport. You need so many things to break your way to get to where you want to go. It also feels like there are college football gods. Oklahoma pissed them off and they paid the price. On Saturday, Baylor did the same thing. 

Good luck, Baylor. You're gonna need it.