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We Have To Fire Tony Bergstrom Into The Sun For Having The Nerve To Dismiss Dwayne Haskins When He Plays Like This

Look I’m not going to pretend I understand the minutia of blocking schemes in the NFL. When they start talking about that stuff it’s like listening to a Neil deGrasse Tyson lecture about the solar system dubbed over in spanish. However, I can watch the above video and understand that Tony Bergstrom hasn’t a clue about how how blocking in the NFL works either. And the big difference is he is paid to block in the NFL and I am not. Quite an issue.

Honestly, I think if you got Tony one on one in a bar, just two guys shooting the shit, he’d be like “yeah, I’m not a very good NFL player”. Like, you just know if you’re good or not, and he’s objectively not good. And that’s fine. But the problem is the effort and the way he reacts when Dwayne Haskins is pleading with him to help. I’ll post the video again because it’s driving me nuts.

The fact he, the worst player on the offense, can’t even offer support to the rookie QB is stunning. Like, dude, we get it, you stink. You’re getting smashed to pieces by the Jets. You have no idea how blocking assignments work. At least be like “Hey Dwayne, I’ll do my best for ya”. Instead he rolls his eyes and laughs. It’s despicable. How can you have a guy like that on your Oline? And now Haskins is supposed to trust him to keep him safe in the pocket? It’s ridiculous.

The thing is, Bergstrom is extremely replaceable. Bring in someone who cares. Who will give effort. Who wants to help Haskins succeed. We know the season is long over. But Haskins needs to prove something and develop, and having guys like Bergstrom not willing to help is counter productive. But hey, at least the culture is damn good!



PS: I made it into the NY Times. Sweet.