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Welcome To The Church Of Chief: The Hawks Are Back

Welcome home to the Church of Chief. A place where it is safe to care about a team and encouraged to believe. A place that can warm your soul through a harsh Chicago winter because there’s playoffs at the end of it. Dearly Beloved, YOUR Chicago Blackhawks are BACK.

I know there are many people who don’t turn their eyes to the Blackhawks until the Bears season is over. Well, that officially happened last night so I would like to welcome you with open arms. If you’ve only loosely paid attention and you’re scared from being a Chicago sports fan, I don’t want you to be scared off by the standings.

Just one little teeny tiny point out of the playoff picture on November 18th. They Blackhawks are one of the hottest teams in the league at this point. If you’re wondering if this is false hope or a mirage in a desert of misery…don’t worry. Over the Blackhawks last 6 games, since they completely adapted their style of play, they are 5-0-1. In that streak the Blackhawks played

hawks sched

Not a single team under .500. The November schedule looked daunting as the Hawks were sputtering around Halloween. They’ve ripped up the entire league since then

If you’re thinking that number isn’t sustainable…that is okay. Why? Because the Blackhawks have the best goalie tandem in the entire NHL. Everying. Single. Night. The Blackhawks will be throwing out a Vezina caliber goalie. A goalie you can trust no matter the situation to make a big stop and give the Hawks a chance to win in the end. And when you have great goaltending and you’re willing to trade chances with the opponent and Patrick Kane is on your side…well that is a recipe for success.

So come on home. Home to the Blackhawks. The only team in this city who won’t let you down this year. It’ll be fun. It’ll be high scoring, and come April and May you’ll be on a roof top somewhere watching playoff hockey long into the night because through Toews and Kane all things are possible.