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Ken Rosenthal Got His Hands On An Email That Says Astros' FO Execs Suggested Using Cameras To Steal Signs


"One thing in specific we are looking for is picking up signs coming out of the dugout, "the email's sender wrote in a message from August of 2017.  "What we are looking for is how much we can see, how we would log things, if we need cameras/binoculars, etc.  So go to a game, see what you can (or can't) do and report back your findings."

This is yet another story via Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, but it's behind a paywall so that's the only quote I'm going to link out of respect for Rosenthal and The Athletic.  If you have a subscription, read it, because it's soooo damning for Houston.

On top of that, over the weekend more and more videos and screen shots popped up that scream "the Astros are filthy cheaters", these two in particular:

Big ass TV monitor?  Check.  Cable running down the wall connected to said big ass TV monitor?  Check.  Towel covering a hole in the wall that is undoubtedly there to block any normal cameras from seeing the set up?  Check.  Garbage can used to relay signs?  Check check and check.

And then there's this one from the Astros 2017 World Series documentary:

To me, the most damning part of this video is the pile of sunflower seed shells chillin' on the floor by the table/garbage can that clearly shows, "we have people sitting here for hours on end."  Only thing missing is a couple of spitters that didn't make their way into the garbage can.

Anyways, apparently MLB is moving pretty quickly with their investigation too:

Fiers is already singing like a canary, but I'm assuming others will too just to save their own asses.  My next question is this: with all of the circumstantial evidence that has already poured out, and assuming the Astros will in fact be found guilty on all counts, what will their punishment be? 

There's not any past precedent to go off on something as elicit and specific as sign stealing using cameras, but the harshest punishment that has recently been handed out in baseball has been the banishment of former Braves GM John Coppolella for skirting international signing rules.  Two things about that situation:

1. The international market is EXTREMELY dirty and it's a poorly kept secret that all teams circumvent rules to some extent or another and

  1. That situation didn't directly affect Braves winning or losing games at the Big League level, at least not in the very moment it was occurring.  Sign stealing can directly affect wins and losses.  

    The Astros stealing signs using cameras, perhaps in a WORLD SERIES is as dirty as it gets.  Now I'm 100% just speculating here, but once MLB and maybe even the FBI finish their investigations, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Jeff Lunhow, AJ Hinch and others arrive at similar fates.  I could be way, way off there but I just have a feeling that MLB will not take cheating in the pinnacle of their sport lightly at all.

    I can't wait to watch the rest of this story unfold.  For some weird reason I'm crazy attached to it.