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Football Guy of the Week Nominees: CFB Week 12 and NFL Week 11

Last week, Coach O ran away with the Football Guy of the Week Award after LSU’s humongous win in Tuscaloosa. Switching gears to the present, it’s looking like it could be the week where fans take over as a winner, with two of them nominated this week. Here we go:

Bengals season ticket holder Jeff Lanham who promised to live on his bar’s roof until Cincinnati wins a game.

This is is a ballsy move by Cincinnati’s own. I’d say there is a decent chance he is sitting on that roof for a long, long time.

Georgia State QB Dan Ellington, who tore his ACL last week and still played this week.

We heard Jerry Rice, last week’s guest, discuss how he did this back in the day, and the guys thought he was crazy. Maybe Dan Ellington is just an AWL and wanted to follow suit.

Michigan State HC Mark Dantonio, who made his players wear their helmets on the bus to their game on Saturday.

This is certainly one way to lock in for the Spartans. Unfortunately for the Green and White, it did not matter, as their in-state rival won the football game 44-10.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan Chris Matthew, who hasn’t worn pants in 18 years and won’t until his team wins the Grey Cup.

Mr. Commenter discussed this one on the show, so I’m not trying to steal his spotlight here. But this is one worth being brought up on here also. Luckily for this man, the Blue Bombers got the job done over the weekend, beating the Saskatchewan Roughriders 20-13 and just like that, the Bombers are off to the Grey Cup.