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Congrats To El Chapo's Wife On Her New Reality Show!

Source – She’s a real housewife of the cocaine cartel, and now she’s sashaying her way into your living room.

l, better known as Mrs. El Chapo, makes her reality-TV debut Monday — aboard a sleek yacht in Miami, wearing dark glasses and a white, cleavage-baring eyelet blouse.

Her VH1 “Cartel Crew” cast-mates — the sons and daughters of notorious drug dealers — swoon in her presence, impressed by her celebrity as the loyal wife of convicted Mexican kingpin Joaquin Guzman Loera, who was sentenced to life in a supermax American prison earlier this year.

“I was very nervous and humbled to be in her presence,” Marie Ramirez Arellano, the daughter of an unidentified Miami-based former drug trafficker and a regular on the show, told The Post. “She’s not a regular woman.”

Coronel, 30, who married the former Sinaloa cartel boss, now 62, when she was a teenager, is making “several” appearances on the hour-long program.






Well done, Emma! That’s how you turn lemons into lemonade. Husband gets sentenced to life in prison for running the largest, most murderous drug cartel in the history of humanity? Turn it into a reality show! Clearly Chapo’s entrepreneurial spirit rubbed off on her.

Here’s what the other scumbags on VH1’s ‘Cartel Crew’ had to say about their newest cast member.

Blanco, whose head is shaved and whose arms are covered in tattoos, met with Coronel on her yacht to discuss business, he told The Post.

“I gave her some advice because she is trying to make the same kind of moves that I made,” he said. “She is a really sweet person who is going through something that no wife or mother should ever go through and now she has to raise two girls by herself.”

‘A sweet person who’s going through something no wife or mother should ever go through.’ By the way, ‘Blanco’ is the son of Griselda Blanco de Trujillo aka the Godmother of Cocaine who murdered 200 people and shipped $80 million worth of drugs into the US per month. Don’t worry though, he wants nothing to do with his mother even though he ran her business and sells cartel-themed T-shirts…

Blanco, who said he helped run his mother’s drug enterprise when he was a teenager, now heads up a legitimate business — cartel-themed T-shirts, hoodies and tank tops. Some are emblazoned with his mother’s image, others piles of cocaine. 

“We are not our parents,” said Blanco, adding that 22 of his relatives died in drug-related violence. “We’re trying to make our own way in the world. Legally.”

It never ceases to amaze me how low VH1 will stoop to get ratings. I get that eyeballs pay the bills, but Christ. Have some sort of standard. Here’s the teaser for tonight’s show.

Hopefully they have plenty of security on set. Chances are the Cartel won’t be too happy she’s on camera. Then again, you never know, she could hold enough power that no one will fuck with her. Regardless, shame on VH1 for even airing this TV show in the first place.