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Breaking Bad Sweepstakes Winner Arrested In Massive Synthetic Marijuana Operation

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Fort Myers, Florida (News-Press) Ryan Lee Carroll, the Fort Myers man who won the chance to meet the TV stars of “Breaking Bad,” was a key player in a national synthetic marijuana distribution operation, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Carroll, 28, was arrested New Year’s Eve on charges of synthetic narcotic possession with intent to sell, drug possession and keeping a shop or vehicle for dangerous drugs. Benjamin Smith, 33, of Winter Haven, and James Lee Smith, 35, of Cape Coral were arrested on similar charges. Deputies seized more than $1 million in synthetic marijuana from the manufacturing operation headquarters in the 1700 block of Meadow Lake Circle, according to the sheriff’s office.  Deputies also seized evidence from two other homes in the 17400 block of Ellie Drive and the 8400 block of Bahamas Road. Carroll and his associates used a cement mixer to mix plant matter with chemicals, including toxic Acetone, according to the sheriff’s office. They added flavors such as jungle juice or electric banana. The drugs were then packaged in colorful wrappers bearing several dozen different brand names, and shipped via the U.S. Postal Service to other states. The sheriff’s office declined to release where the drugs were shipped and how long the operation has been running. There are possibly more people involved who have not been arrested yet, and the sheriff’s office alluded that Carroll might be working for a boss higher up. Deputies also seized a souvenir Hazmat suit signed by “Breaking Bad” cast members. The hit TV show follows the life of a meth manufacturer.

Change the weed to meth and the colorful brand name wrappers to big tubs of Pollos Hermanos fry batter and we’ve got some life imitating art right here. Wouldn’t be surprised to find out about some melted bodies and maybe a couple slaves living in dungeon pits. Obviously the dude learned from the best if he won this Breaking Bad contest. I feel like I coulda cashed in bigger on my Breaking Bad obsession, you know? Like all I did with my fixation was blog like 200,000 words on it and have Stoolies yell at me about spoilers. Meanwhile Ryan Lee Carroll is moving millions of dollars worth of drugs. Obviously he went full Heisenberg if he finally got caught, though. Shoulda kept that operation more Gus Fring/Mike Ehrmantraut instead.