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Can Someone Explain To Me Why Stefon Diggs Didn't Have To Change His Shoes At Halftime?

Alright so it's a common known fact that Stefon Diggs breaks out some sort of crazy, painted cleats for his pregame warmup each week. If you didn't know that, then you must not get on Twitter on Sundays. They're fire every single time...

Look I'll be the first to admit that I don't watch every single Minnesota Vikings game, but the argument I see whenever I bring up the fact that OBJ gets punished for his uniform misbehavior and then point out Stefon Diggs is that "HE DOESN'T WEAR THEM IN THE ACTUAL GAME!"

Okay, well riddle me this one then:

Hmmm, pretty good pre-game cleats. Except uhhhh….

For those of you with eye troubles, here's a closer look:

I have officially seen it all. This whole time I thought Odell Beckham was being some sort of primma donna diva that thought the world was out to get him even though he was blantantly not following the uniform rules, but now I owe the man an apology. The NFL is out to get you. More importantly, the NFL is out to get the CLEVELAND BROWNS. How in the world did Stefon Diggs not have to change his shoes at halftime? They made both OBJ and Jarvis Landry change theirs or else they couldn't return to the game!

Don't tell me about color scheme or whatever excuse you want to make. OBJ wore white with random colors, just like Stefon Diggs did. And Jarvis Landry's an an orange-ish gold. For the NFL to think that those are so eggregious that they must be removed during halftime or they cannot return to play, Stefon Diggs should have been in the exact same boat. But he was not, and the ONLY possible conclusion you can come to here the NFL is out to get the Browns. Exhibit B: The Myles Garrett situation. I know you all have selective memory, but this isn't the first time someone has ripped off a helmet and then intentionally hit someone with it.

2 preseason games and 1 regular season game. 1 game. It's disgusting how unfiar the NFL is against the Browns. Do they just want to hold us down forever? And this cleat situation is no different. Clear bias.

Look I'm not trying to be some old man yelling at the cloud here. I have no problem with players wearing painted cleats. But how are Diggs cleats any different than the ones the Browns players wore? I want answers.