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The Lakers Announcer Decided To Casually Roast Kevin Hart While He Took A Picture With Kobe's Daughter

I mean this is low hanging fruit, but it's still a roasting. My man is just out here getting a picture taken with Kobe's daughter while the announcer decides to tell the world that Kevin Hart is short as hell, just in case anyone could possibly forget. I mean at some point Hart's gotta snap with something like this - I say this as a fellow 'short' (technically average) guy. Kevin Hart is worth roughly $150 million (seems low) and is still getting roasted for simply being a nice guy taking a picture. He can't be out here getting the short jokes all the time. We need to start getting more creative than just saying 'I bet he's happy to see someone the same height.' 

However, the real story for me here is dad Kobe. The same man who took over a girl's AAU program is now relegated to taking pictures on the very same court Shaq won titles on. Just proves that no matter who you are, the moment you become a dad it's all the same. You're taking pictures, you're an afterthought.