Brad Pitt Tells Adam Sandler The Best Story He's Ever Heard About Him — What Sandler Said Years Later To The NYU Acting Professor Who Told Him To "Find A New Path"

I don't know if this "Actors on Actors" series has been going on for a while, but it's an awesome idea. Kind of like how Kevin was doing Bloggers on Bloggers, only instead of Z-list blog celebrities it's...Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler. 

By far the highlight of this one was Brad Pitt telling his favorite Adam Sandler story — how Sandler bumped into his old acting professor at a bar after having a ton of success:

I saw a lot of people making fun of Pitt for telling Sandler a story about himself, to himself (I didn't actually, it was just Rone, I just didn't want to single him out.)  I think Rone is jaded by working so long at Barstool, the only place where it's socially acceptable to brag about how humble you are. You can't tell that story yourself. You gotta sit there and be bashful and pretend to be embarrassed to get the "humble" point across. Perfectly done by Sandler, even if he did say "yeah" a few too many times. 

Full episode: