Carson Wentz Wasn't Good But These Eagles Receivers Deserve To Die Of Gonorrhea And Rot In Hell

Well that was not fun. If you were to say going into this game the Patriots would be held to 17 points with Tom Brady not passing a single TD, that would be most excellent. Now? It’s just disheartening, that’s all. Especially when up 10-0 following a BEAUTIFUL 95-yard drive and showing some spunk at the beginning of the game, for once. Yeah, at least the Eagles came to fight but here’s the thing…they’re just not that talented. That’s about it. Especially when it comes to winning an ugly game against the best team in the league. Wentz missed throws. Algohor dropped passes. Nobody could get open. Boston Scott is for some reason out-touching Miles Sanders on offense. Howie released almost every starting LB on the team and forced this team to start pee-wee receivers vs the best team in the league. And that’s that.

This was never supposed to be a win. It DEFINITELY wasn’t supposed to be a W with this pee-wee defense and receivers that may not be fit for D-III ball. Now let’s rest up, get healthy, and to lose against Seattle next week and then run the damn table for the NFC East. Then who knows? Maybe this team will be good enough to fall in the Divisional Round. Let’s recap it up live: