The Celtics Win Streak Finally Ends In Heartbreaking Fashion

And that is how it ends. An absolute heartbreaking final shot and really final last few minutes for Marcus Smart. In a game the Celts had no business being in given how they started, this is also one they essentially threw away. Unable to shut down Buddy Hield down the stretch who made some tough ass shots, and then this sequence right before the final shot

What a wave of emotions. You have Marcus flying in like a madman to secure the offensive rebound, but then he tries to go back up with it which wasn't great. Can't hate on him for making hustle plays that's what he does. Then what seemed like a jump ball ended up being a foul and that was that. A great effort play with good intentions ultimately proved to be their undoing. That's a tough one to swallow but remember, weird shit happens on West Coast trips. The Celtics were sloppy to start this game and they were unable to get stops down the stretch when they needed one or two to put the Kings away. You let teams hang around on the road and this is what happens. For a team who thrives in perimeter defense, it sort of let them down in big spots.

In the end, 10-2 isn't so bad, but to lose it on a shot that rims out in such a manner was excruciating. We'll learn a lot about this team though with a good rested PHX team waiting tomorrow night. Can they move past this and show up in what is essentially a swing game for this entire trip? Hope so.