Will Today's Jets/Redskins Game Be Better Or Worse Than the 3-0 Debacle in 1993?

Game day baby!!!! Let’s do this thing! In one corner you have the worst franchise in professional sports. Cannot get out of their own way. Terrible ownership, questionable at best personnel decisions, an unproven QB under center, and a disgruntled fan base who wants nothing more than the season to end. And in the other corner you have…the exact same thing!! Both of these franchises are big trash who have annoyed, angered, and pissed off every last fan.

There should be 40,000 people at the stadium MAX today to see these two teams try and play some semblance of football. Will it be a worse game than the above? I cannot wait to find out. Hail to the Redskins…I think? Or just lose to the Jets, have a new rock bottom in a season of rock bottoms, and get the number 1 pick? Something like that? I don’t even know anymore. Can’t wait to watch every snap though.