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Get Ready To Be Sick Of Bronny James And Zaire Wade; ESPN Set To Broadcast FIFTEEN Of Sierra Canyon's Games This Season

Trae Young, one of the more electric young players the NBA has to offer today, will play ZERO games on ESPN or ABC this season. ZERO. Luka Doncic will play nine. NINE! That’s six less than Bronny James and Zaire Wade. Shit, LeBron James with the Lakers brand attached to him will play four more games on ESPN and its affiliates than his 15-year old son. I understand the NBA has certain contractual obligations that caps how often certain teams can play nationally and whatnot, but this is absurd.

I don’t even hate that Bronny and Zaire will be on television. When LaMelo Ball and Zion Williamson played AAU against each other at midnight on a Thursday on Facebook, I tuned in. With the way Instagram and Twitter have made these kids into highlight reels more than players who use screens and play defense, I’m all in on the idea that we can watch them play. But 15 times? That’s absurd. And with Zaire being a senior I understand wanting to capitalize on seeing the only chance they’ll share the court until they both sign in Miami in 2028, but they’re fucking high schoolers. If you thought there was righteous indignation about not paying college kids then what the fuck are we supposed to say about this? This isn’t the first time high school basketball will be televised, but it’s certainly the first time I can remember a FIFTEEN GAME NATIONALLY TELEVISED SCHEDULE for a team that can’t even buy a pack of cigarettes.