Tough 24 Hours To Be This Miles Garrett On Twitter - It's Not A Viral Moment Without A Million Brutal Tweets To The Wrong Person

This is the easiest bet on the board whenever there's a viral moment in sports. There will always be a million tweets directed to someone with the same name, but nowhere near the same person: see Miles Garrett vs Myles Garrett. Here's what I don't get. There's clearly a TV station name in the twitter name. Are you that dumb to not notice that? Then again, I can't be surprised. Remember the incorrect Zane Gonzalez 

Or when someone demanded another Aaron Gordon changes his name legally like he's about to be Dave's guy

I would be lying though if I said I wasn't jealous of Miles Garrett. Great way to get some followers for cheap. You take getting yelled at (a daily occurrence for me here) for about a 2 day stretch only to be able to get the likes and RTs. That's what it's all about! 

There's only one solution here. Miles Garrett needs to challenge Myles Garrett to RoughnRowdy on November 22 and 8pm. Fight for your name. Myles has a bunch of free time on your hand and I can guarantee (no real promise) that he won't hit you with a helmet. Gotta step up here Miles.