Should I Throw This Shirt Away?

So I stopped by my parents yesterday for dinner and of course got bombarded by them about getting rid of things from my childhood room. This is an ordinary experience as it has become my father's obsession to clear out an old room that is bothering nobody, but whatever I digress.

As I'm kinda going through things I notice this Big Dog classic. A shirt that I loved as a kid by a brand that has become beloved by many Barstool content members. My Mother didn't have any respect for it at all though and threw it right in the giveaway bag. Once it was buried deep in there I asked her to take it out so I can take a picture of it because I thought people on Twitter would appreciate it so I did just that and the outcry of support for the shirt caught me a little off guard.

So much so that I texted my Mom later on that night to take the shirt out of the giveaway bag just to allow me more time to decide the fate of Alick Iverson & Vince Barker.

So I guess what I'm asking you - the stoolies - is if you think I should keep this bad boy? 

Will I regret throwing it away given it's so ridiculous and loaded with Hall of Famers? Mind you that it doesn't even come close to fitting me because if it did I'd still be wearing it places.

Please provide me with some guidance here.

P.S. - Someone else said it, but Doggie Bryant is for sure a pornstar name