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I Could Watch Lynchy Get Pushed Into the Ocean And Struggle To Get Back in the Boat All Day Long

I was utterly captivated by this video. I watched the entire thing and laughed out loud 4 times. I laughed the first time Lynchy got pushed overboard. Just such a pure fall into the ocean. Literally head over heels. Like you can push a guy 100 times and not get that clean of a fall. I laughed when they grabbed Lynchy by the belt buckle and hoisted him back into the boat. I laughed when he instantly fell right back into the ocean with yet another perfect 10 fall.  And then I laughed when his buddy ended it with “Come On Lynchy” after he fell in again. Like enough is enough bro. Stop being luggage and get back in the freaking boat. Great video. Massholes in the summer doing what massholes in the summer do.