Myles Garrett Will Now Have Much More Time To Focus On His Poetry

This could actually end up being a blessing in disguise for Myles Garrett. Most guys end up having to wait until after their career is over to figure out what life after football is going to look like for them. But now Myles Garrett can get a head start on things. Now he has--at a minimum--the rest of this season and possibly even some of next year to focus on his poetry and really get that career rolling. Maybe he can even get published now that he has all of this time off to work with. 

It's just hilarious because you watch this clip and you think to yourself that there's no way this dude could hurt a soul, let alone practically attempted murder some dude by smashing him over the head with his own helmet. And that's why I think that everyone who is out there calling for Myles Garrett to actually get hit with an assault charge is out of their damn mind. Does he deserve to get suspended for the rest of the season? Abso-fucking-lutely. Does he deserve to even have that suspension rollover into a few games at the start of next season? I don't think that it would be completely unreasonable or unfair. But there's a massive difference between anything that happens on a football field and anything that happens in "real" life. People out here saying "well if he had any other profession than being a football player and he did this, he would be in jail right now" and it's like yeah, no fucking shit. But he is a football player and I highly doubt he'd be smashing anybody in the face with a helmet if he wasn't. 

The weirdest thing here is that the NFL actually got this one right. After years and years of botching literally everything, the NFL finally got one in the win column. Suspend the guy, fine the guy, but no need to take it any further from there. And now we wait for some fire proses to come from Myles Garrett. I think there's a chance that after this incident we'll see a little less Walt Whitman and a little more Edgar Allen Poe of him. Which would be a tremendous development.